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MegaCon Official Afterparty -Mega Multiverse-

You love Star Wars, Star Trek, and Firefly? How about Batman, Wolverine, and Lara Croft? This is the MEGA Multiverse, where anything goes, or will this multiverse mash it all up?

You never know whom you will run into at one of these events, so you definitely do not want to miss this! 

We are a Proud Sponsor for Moshi Moshi Productions. Supplying designs, such as the Promo Video above, Visuals on the Screens and Gaming with our Poindext Play services.

Saturday, June 6, 2020
at 8 PM – 2 AM
Icebar Orlando
Hosted by Moshi Moshi Productions and Icebar Orlando
From a $500 Costume Contest Award to jams spinned by DJ Infinite, DJ Evolv3, and DJ Daggett through the night. This is the party for you
Click Here, visit their Event Page for more info.


Come and join us as we party with Moshi Moshi Productions. 


For over a year, we've had this great partnership with Moshi Moshi Productions. They have given us the pleasure to create unique and visually intense videos. From filming their events, to big screen party loops, to designing their party promos. Moshi Moshi Productions have pushed our talent to the next level.

Together, we have been able to bring so much entertainment to the so many people. Poindext has had the pleasure to not only film these events, but gamed with attendees and create awesome graphics for the big screens at the parties. Below, you can see all our footage and event videos we have created them.