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Gotham on Ice Party at Orlando's Icebar moshi-moshi-productions

Gotham on Ice Party at Orlando's Icebar

Poindext.com had the amazing privilege to spend time with hundreds of gamers and super hero / villain enthusiasts together with Orlando CosplayMoshi Moshi ProductionsMC Illusion Photography, and many more at Gotham on ICE -Cosplay Dance Party- in Icebar Orlando, close to many more great geeky artists and businesses. 

There were many people showing so much interest in Poindext's booth that you would see more people making a line OR paying attention to our gaming area than people making a line to get drinks at the bars.

We were able to setup an amazing tournament at 10pm where many players showed their fighting strategies and a great fighter dressed as Sub-Zero from Mortal Combat showed us all how he could kick everybody's butt, winning the final great prize many where fighting for in Injustice 2.

Sub-Zero tournament winner

Orlando is packed of many video game and super hero followers, way more that what many would believe and our spot in these great events are the best way to prove it to everyone.

Thanks Moshi Moshi Productions for allowing us to get a great spot at this great event together with many other unbelievable companies, like Orlando Cosplay, MC Illusion Photography, and many more .

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