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Poindext Play - A Vault 5421's Anniversary Party! the-hub

Poindext Play - A Vault 5421's Anniversary Party!

A year in the wasteland and
a VS Arcade Station!

On July 14, 2018, we were invited to celebrate Gods & Monsters: Vault 5421's Anniversary. For the last year, this wasteland themed bar has been home to many geeks, nerds and awesome people alike. We had the opportunity to bring Poindext Play's -VS- Arcade Station to game with those individuals.



First of all, lets explain what Vault 5421 is. This bar is connected to the back of,  Orlando's only, Gods & Monsters. For those who remember. G&M was originally located at the Artegon Mall on International Drive. Over a year ago, the moved from the Artegon Mall to the Orlando Crossings Plaza, next to Fun Spot. Where soon after, opened up this Post Apocalyptic Bar. If Fallout had bar in the middle of the map, it would look like Vault 5421. Decorated with aesthetics from all our favorite movies, games and nostalgia, these custom made designs vary from and ooze spewing barrel to mutated deer head to an one of those nasty eggs from Alien. Not to mention, the bar staff is always in wasteland cosplay. Bringing life to Vault 5421's atmosphere.

Click here to check out our interview with Sgt. Jerkface on the Vault 542 for a peek of the inside!

Vault 5421 wanted to bring as much entertainment to their people. So, they sent for Fire Dancers, Black Jacks Dealers and for Poindext Play with the VS Arcade Station. The Fire Dancers heated us with amazement as the spit flames at Orlando Crossings Plaza's atrium. The Black Jack Dealers and Poindext played with the patrons for bottle caps which could then be traded for raffle tickets to win prizes. Through in great drinks, cage dancers and an amazing crowd, and you got yourself an Anniversary Party!!!!

Poindext had 2 of our VS Arcade Stations. On one we played Injustice 2 and Dragonball FighterZ for the Playstion 4. On the other we rocked the NEW Pocket Rumble for the Nintendo Switch. Which is actually a really cool fighting game that everyone can pick up and play.

Over 70 matches we played throughout the night on both systems. That doesn't match the amount of fun we had with the people though. I'm talking about, we had FUN! So much fun, we didn't even really film or capture the event. We were to busy just enjoying our time with the people. At the end, is that what this is all about? Why we strive to be Poindext? To interact with the geeks and people in our community and bring entertainment and creativity to our lives. Thanks to Vault 5421 and the staff at Gods & Monsters, we were able to do just that.

Thank you to all the players and spectators that showed up to support and celebrate Vault 5421's One Year Anniversary! It was a pleasure gaming with you!