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Working with Coliseum of Comics

Poindext has recently partnered with Coliseum of Comics. Together we are creating some very unique and awesome videos. Taking their visuals and designing custom videos. As their Multimedia Designer, Poindext has produced works from Facebook Headers to an Animated GIF. Take a moment to see what we, together, have done.

The first project we worked on was their Weekly New Comic Video. Coliseum needed a Facebook Header and the design that can also be used for an Instagram Post. So, we created a template that includes both videos in one After Effects file. 

Facebook Header

With the same file, when edits are made to the header video, the content will reflect on the IG Post video at 1080x1080.

Making the weekly creating process easier and economical for Coliseum of Comics and us. 


Social Media Post

Harley Quinn Hysteria Month

From there, our videos got even better. We worked on their Harley Hysteria Month Daily Videos and filming and Editing footage for their Coliseum's Comic Club readings. 

Working with Coliseum has been fun. Take the time to see what we have created, together. Especially their Book Readings. 


 Coliseum's Book ClubReadings from Coliseum's Comic Club!