About Us

We are a fresh and new group who focuses on Geeky Arts, Designs and Entertainment, bringing you topics with video games, creative visuals and apparel. All while showing you what’s hot in the local community of Central Florida and throughout this Overworld we call Earth.



What does Poindext offer?


Poindext is a general geeky place where you can find many ways to express you geekyness, for example:


Multimedia & Graphic Design
Graphic and Multimedia Design:

As stated before, Art doesn't have to stop at Paintings and Sculptures. Art can be used to bring life to your business and brand. Here at Poindext, we take pride in all of our Graphic and Multimedia Designs. We've had the opportunity to work with some really great companies throughout Central Florida. Companies like, Moshi Moshi Productions (Entertainment) and iVenture Solutions (Business Friendly IT).

If you are in need of a Graphic and Multimedia Designs or just looking to Level-UP your Social Media, get in contact with us, now. We are ready to create for you Brand.

Poindext Play:

Poindext Play will be ever evolving. At this moment we have our -VS- Arcade Station. A 55" HD Flat Screen with either a PS4, XBox One or with the Nintendo Swicth. With these useful items in our inventory, we can showcase some of the best Competitive games like Mortal Kombat, Injustice 2 and Dragonball FigherZ. Just a 1-on-1 Battle where winner stays to fight again.

We want to see how good you are in VS games in front of a great crowd which may include your friends and many other people looking forward into having a great geeky and entertaining night. This means you get to challenge other players playing VS games against any one who dares to challenge you in a geeky entertaining way.

Geeky Art & Apparel:

Poindext is growing our Portfolio of Fantastic art work related to an array of nostalgic themes and topics we all grew up with. From Fine Fantasy Art to 8-Bit Classic inspired designs, we plan to keep it nice, geeky and ninja for all the classes. 

Our store carries an amazing-original clothing designs and artwork that will give you the chance to be awesome wherever you go. Showing the real geeky love that grows inside of you. Wear them on yourself, on your walls or give them as a gift.


Here, at theHub, we showcase all our partners, experiences and works from our services. From gaming to book readings, you can find where we have been.

From Local Geeky Venues, Artists and whatever we can get our hands on. Poindext wants to experience the Geeky Culture and Community here in Central Florida. Either if it's a Video Game Store, Nerd Bar or just an Upcoming or Awesome Painter, we want to see them. Not only that, but we want to bring that content to you. That is why we created theHub !