About Me

Hey there, fellow art aficionados and pixel enthusiasts! I'm Tico Roldan, your friendly neighborhood digital artist with a passion for all things fantasy, pixel art, and video games - with a sprinkle of nostalgia, of course!

Born and raised in the sunny shores of Puerto Rico, destiny had other plans for me, and it brought me to the enchanting realm of Orlando, Florida. As a true 80s baby, I grew up devouring Saturday morning cartoons and witnessed the majestic rise of video games - a time I fondly look back on with pure delight.

Art has always been the spark that sets my soul ablaze! Pixel art and storytelling are my jam, and I am hopelessly in love with the realms of Sci-Fi and Fantasy. If there's one thing that drives me, it's the magical journey of creativity that art allows me to embark on.

My artistic odyssey began in the dazzling world of Graphics, Multimedia, and Production, where I learned to harness the power of digital art and weave it into awe-inspiring masterpieces. But it wasn't until my dear friends Garry Roth and Chris Rios encouraged me to embrace my inner artist that I truly saw my potential.

Speaking of inspirations, Garry also introduced me to Luis Royo - an artistic wizard whose work has bewitched me time and again, fueling my imagination and guiding my creative spirit.

Now, here comes the exciting twist! My love for graphics and multimedia has collided head-on with my passion for art, leading me to concoct an astonishing blend of moving art - yes, you heard it right, art that dances and dazzles like never before! Imagine experiencing my creations in art galleries where pixels pirouette and fantasies come alive.

So, welcome to Poindext - where pixel-perfect adventures await! Join me on this enchanting journey through fantastical worlds and discover captivating digital art and exclusive apparel in my store. Why, you ask? Because I'm proudly waving my geek and nerd flags high, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Now, let's address the ultimate truth about me - I am powered by peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. There's no better fuel to keep this artistic wizardry going!

So, dear art enthusiasts and fellow geeks, buckle up and join me on a magical journey through fantastical worlds, pixel by pixel, as I continue to paint my dreams and bring them to life through the enchanting canvas of digital art. Stay pixel-perfect and keep the geeky spirit alive!

May the pixels be with you!