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Twisted Krampus 2: Christmas Block Party

Christmas with Krampus has a whole new meaning! For Christmas, we got to party and game with Mos...

Spooky Empire's The Official Pre- Halloween Party: Captured

Halloween has never been so awesome! From Beetlejuice to Pennywise, Moshi Moshi has it all.   

2nd Annual Geeky Tiki Luau: Summer Kickoff Party!

Every summer needs a kick-off party! Moshi Moshi Productions knows how to do it right.   

10th Annual Official MegaCon Afterparty: Altered Identity

Celebrating 10 Years of Moshi Moshi Productions and 10 years of Official MegaCon After Parties! ...

Official MegaCon Party: Enchantment Under the Sea Dance

Highlights from the 2018's MegaCon After Party. Featuring Marty McFly! The theme was Enchantmen...

Walker Stalker Atlanta After Party: The Curse Of Madame Oya

Highlights from the 2018 Walker Stalker Con After Party in Atlanta!  

Walker Stalker's OUTBREAK: After Party

Having fun at Walker Stalker's After Party! Every popular convention needs an after party. That...

Gotham on Ice Party at Orlando's Icebar

Poindext.com had the amazing privilege to spend time with hundreds of gamers and super hero / vi...