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Gods & Monsters 3rd Anniversary - Artist Alley the-hub

Gods & Monsters 3rd Anniversary - Artist Alley

Celebrating Gods & Monsters 3rd Anniversary!

On June 9th, Gods and Monsters celebrated their 3 Year Anniversary. Poindext and several other vendors were a part of this day. We took our Arcade Station, from Poindext Play, in hopes to game with everyone there. Though we had our booth, there was something more special to us. The other vendors.

We here know we sell art, but this world has so much other art to offer. That is why we took our time to interview these talented people. To experience what is in their mind and to show you, the viewer, something you didn't know was out there. 

Edbot5000 was the first person we interviewed. He had a bunch of amazon fanart. From Samus to Guile from Street Fighter, his variety of art blew our mind. He was actually the reason why we initiated these interviews. We knew we had to show the world. 

Below, I have a link of the Facebook Page of everyone we interviewd.

Edbot5000 - Artist

Brian Downes - Author - Writer

Interstellar Unicorns - Arts & Crafts