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Ep. #3 - Bully Wars & Treasure Island coliseums-comic-club

Ep. #3 - Bully Wars & Treasure Island


Together again with Episode 3, checking out Chapter 1 of Bully Wars #1 and Chapter 3 of Treasure Island.

Bully Wars #1 is writen Skottie Young and illustrated by Aaron Conley. This story is about the biggest bully in Rottenville since kindergarten that goes from bully to bullied. Now he has been the to go through the Bully Wars and get his rightful place as Head Bully of the School.

Today, we continue the story of Disney Treasure Island, starring Mickey Mouse. The classic tale from Robert Louis Stevenson, once again, comes to life in this graphic novel adaptation starring Mickey, Goofy, and Pegleg Pete. This is an amazing pirate adventure with characters on a quest for a mysterious treasure.


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