Arts are more than paintings and sculptures. Arts can also be used to promote and give life to your business. From Graphics to Multimedia, we have the ability to create stunning Designs and Videos.

From Print handouts, to info-graphics, to awesome videos for Social Media, we have the abilities upgrade the visuals of your business with our service. Take a look below of some of our projects and clients.

Multimedia Design

Videos can bring so much to your business. It can tell a story or showcase you in a way static images can't. Using Film and Motion Graphics, Poindext can create custom videos for you. From Filming your event with interviews to Animated Social Media Headers, we have the capability to create the right video you. Check out some of our Multimedia Projects. Enjoy!
Filming and Editing

With iVenture Solutions, we have been able to create fun interviews with showcasing their employees. Not only that, but we have designed their Facebook Header and several Animated GIFs that have been used for Social Media Ads.
Custom Motion Graphics

Coliseum of Comics has made us one of their biggest fans. Being able to create flashy motion graphics helps push our designs to the limit. Here, we have one of their Social Media Videos used to promote new and upcoming comics and deals.

Graphic Design

Using programs like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, Poindext can create stunning designs. With over 15 years of experience, our designer will put his knowledge to use for you.

For example, our partnership with iVenture Solutions, we have been designing all their Blog Headers, Ads, Social Media Posts, PowerPoint Templates and Print Material. Since they do not have their own Design Department, we have become their source for graphics.

Our Designer has designed and worked for companies like Waterwalkers Investments, Florida Fixed Income Trust and Tourico Holidays. Below, are some of his creations:

Our Clients

These are companies which we have worked and designed for. Make sure to check them out!